Conference Calling

Conference Button (for ad hoc conference calls)
You can conference with a maximum of 4 other participants. To create an ad hoc conference call:
  1. From a connected call (not on hold), press the Conference button.
  2. Dial a second call: enter the recipient's phone number (or use Speed Dial or Call History).
  3. Once the party has answered the call, announce plans to conference in, then press the Conference button again to bring in the first caller.
  4. Repeat above steps to add more participants: press Conference, dial number, press Conference again.
  5. The conference will end when all participants hang up.
  6. As the conference begins, the session labels of participants display “Conference” instead of the caller ID.
  7. You can press the Show Details or ConfList softkey to display a list of all participants.

Conference in a Call “on hold”
If you have  a call “on hold,” and are talking to a second person on another line, follow these steps to conference in the caller on hold:
  1. Press the Conference button
  2. Press the blinking green Session button of the “held” call
  3. Press the Conference button again.  
  4. The participant on hold is added to the call.
  5. The conference ends when all participants hang up.

MeetingPlace (Scheduled Conference Calls)
MeetingPlace can handle large conference calls of up to 250 participants.
Any Kenyon office that wishes to use MeetingPlace for conference calls must contact Brandon Warga, Helpline Manager, at 1-740-427-5670 for access to a Google scheduling calendar for conference calls.