Accounts and Security

For Employees
Kenyon's antivirus policy require all Kenyon-owned networked Windows computers to have Kenyon's version of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) installed with current virus definitions, patches, and security updates. Virus definitions are automatically downloaded by the system to campus computers on the network. Network file servers are monitored regularly for virus-like activity. 

For Students
LBIS strongly recommends that students install and maintain working, up-to-date antivirus programs on their personal computers. Students are responsible for the installation of antivirus protection, software patches, and security updates on their personal computers. Helpline does not disinfect viruses or remove spyware from personally-owned computers, but can provide virus removal instructions and guidance. When using your computer off campus, always check your virus definition date when connecting to the Internet.

Student computers showing suspicious virus-like activity on the network will be disconnected until they are confirmed clean. Students must make an appointment to bring evidence of successful virus and malware scans to Helpline during daytime hours to have their computer reconnected.

For more information, see Kenyon's antivirus and firewall policies

Additional Security Information

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