Kenyon provides many networked printers for student and employee use. Public printers are available to any Kenyon user with a network account, whereas printers in College offices are available only to members of that department. All public printers on campus use a central public print queue that holds your print jobs until you retrieve them from any of the ten public printers.

Using the Public Ricoh Printers
You may configure your computer so that it can access the print queue, which will enable you to use any of the public printers on campus. A print job does not get sent to a specific printer but rather to a central print queue that stores your documents for two hours from the time you send them.

Once you have sent your document, you can go to any public printer on campus to retrieve your print job: just tap your K-card (or type in your Kenyon username and password on the touchscreen) to access a list of your documents that are waiting to print. You'll only see a list of the documents that you sent, and no one can release your documents but you.

You can choose to print all pending documents at once or review the details of each document and print only those you want to keep. You can delete documents you don't want, or they will disappear from your account two hours after you sent them.

For instructions on adding the public print queue to a Windows computer, see our Windows printing documentation.

For instructions on adding the public print queue to a Mac computer, see our Mac printing documentation.

Ricoh Printer Features & Benefits
Kenyon has over seventy Ricoh multifunction printers in departmental offices and public computer labs. In addition to printing, all Ricoh machines on campus can also be used for copying and scanning. See the links below to learn how to use those features:
Running Faster with Smaller Carbon Footprints
Helpline is particularly proud to announce that our Ricoh printers have a significantly reduced environmental impact. By having a warmup time of under 20 seconds and a wakeup time of under 10 seconds, the Ricoh printers are not only faster but also more environmentally friendly. According to the U.S. government's EnergyStar rating, which can be found here, our Ricoh public printers (MP C5503) have a TEC (Typical weekly Energy Consumption) of 2.58 KWh, as compared to our old Canon public printers' (iR C5185) TEC of 13.71 KWh.

On top of this 81% reduction in energy consumption, the Ricoh printers will significantly reduce wasted paper. By being able to release your print jobs at any of the public Ricoh printers, LBIS has eliminated much of the wasted paper associated with print jobs that are never picked up or that print once a jam is fixed, after they have already been printed elsewhere.

The Ricoh printers affirm LBIS's commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We call on Kenyon students and staff to aid us in this continued commitment by printing less and utilizing electronic copies whenever possible.

Call Helpline at 1-740-427-5700 or email us at if you have any questions.

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