Kenyon provides many networked printers for student and employee use. While office printers are only available for use by members of that department, any Kenyon faculty, staff, or student may use the public printers. All public printers can release print jobs sent to the central public print queue, which can be accessed from both personal and public lab computers.

Using the Public Ricoh Printers
Users may configure personal computers to send print jobs to the PublicPrint queue using MobilityPrint app by following this link. After sending a print job, users can release print jobs from any public printer (see public printer locations). Users may also print using the public computers in the Chalmers Technology Center, located to the right of the main entrance. Open hours are available here.  

Public Printers on Campus
Any public printer can print documents sent to the PublicPrint queue. After sending a document to the PublicPrint queue, users can release the print job from any public printer on campus after authenticating their credentials. To do so, simply tap your K-card on the black scanner or the picture of the K-card on the side of the printer, depending on the printer. If you don’t have your K-card, you can also type in your Kenyon username and password on the touchscreen. Your print job will automatically begin to print after scanning your K-card or entering your credentials. Print jobs are deleted from the queue if not printed within 24 hours.

For instructions on adding the public print queue to your personal computer, see our Public printing documentation.

Ricoh Multi-Function Device Features & Benefits
Kenyon has over seventy Ricoh multifunction printers in departmental offices and public areas. In addition to printing, all Ricoh machines on campus can also be used for copying and scanning. See the links below to learn how to use those features:
Public Printer Support
LBIS stocks each public printer with paper and ensures that it has sufficient toner once a day. That being said, use of each printer can fluctuate throughout the academic year. To ensure full supplies on all printers, please alert us if you encounter any issue with a public printer by emailing or chatting or by calling 1-740-427-5700.  You can also place a printer service request via the TopDesk self-service technology support portal.

Running Faster with Smaller Carbon Footprints
Kenyon’s Ricoh printers have several features that reduce the campus’ environmental impact. With a warmup time of under 20 seconds and a wakeup time of under 10 seconds, Ricoh printers are both faster and more eco-friendly. According to the U.S. EnergyStar rating, campus Ricoh printers use 81% less energy compared to previously used models.

Additionally, Ricoh printers significantly reduce wasted paper. By having users release print jobs at any public printer, we are able to avoid paper wasted due to jobs that are released after a job is resolved or are never picked up after printing. The Ricoh printers affirm Kenyon’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We call on Kenyon students and staff to aid us in this continued commitment by printing less and utilizing electronic copies whenever possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Helpline at 1-740-427-5700 or email

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