The Kenyon wireless network in academic & administrative buildings is available to both Kenyon community members and their guests. The primary service can be accessed by opening a web browser. A login screen will appear where you should enter your Kenyon username and password. Hint: Your Kenyon username is the first part of your Kenyon email address without the @kenyon.edu. Use your Kenyon username and password to log into Kenyon's WiFi, campus computers, Shibboleth SSO, ClearPass, and other SSO services at Kenyon.

For the most part, you should use KenyonDevices or KenyonWifiKenyonDevices is for devices like your phone, tablet, video game console, or TV, and it is the only network that is compatible with device registration. KenyonWifi is for devices like your laptop, and it provides some additional access to services like software licensing servers that Kenyon provides.

KenyonPublic doesn't require a guest login, but it has a much shorter lease (the amount of time before you get kicked off of the WiFi), meaning that your guest might have to log in multiple times during their browsing session.

Tired of logging in over and over again on your phone? Registering your device is like "teaching" Kenyon's WiFi who your device is so it can be authenticated without you having to type in your username and password. You can register devices that you would ordinarily put on KenyonDevices for up to a year! You can learn how to register your device here or by stopping by Helpline to pick up a paper copy of the device registration instructions for your particular device.

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