Google Takeout is a service that allows you to export your email, calendars, and Google Drive files to an archive.
Why do I need to use Google Takeout?
After you leave the College, your account will only be active for a few more days. Kenyon has cybersecurity obligations that require us to deactivate accounts, after which point you will lose access to things like your Kenyon Gmail account and Google Drive. However, we do allow you take an archive of the Google assets that you've accumulated while you've been at Kenyon. We place little restriction on what you are allowed to remove before your account is deactivated.
When should I use Google Takeout?
You should use Google Takeout as soon as you know that your account will be deactivated and any time that you want to make a backup of the resources in your Google Account. Google Takeout requests can take several hours to several days to process due to the amount of data in many Google Accounts, so you should plan ample time to allow Google Takeout to do its thing. You can continue to use your computer and Google services while Google Takeout is working.