Scan to Google Drive using Campus Printers

1.   On the printer, log into PaperCut with your ID badge or username/password.

2.   From the options presented on the screen, select “Scan”.

3.   From the list of destinations, select “Scan to My Google Drive”.

4.   When you have set your documents on the scanner and are ready to scan, select “Start scanning”. The default settings are as follows:
  • Color
  • PDF file format
  • Duplex (both sides of the sheet)
  • Letter paper size
  • Portrait orientation
  • 300 DPI
You may change the file name, or select “Settings” to configure settings specific to this scan.

5.   The printer will automatically send your scanned document to your personal Google Drive under the folder “Scans for PaperCut MF”. You will also receive a confirmation email from PaperCut, with a link to its location on Google Drive.

Note: For the first time you scan to your google drive, you will receive an email from PaperCut asking for permission to add files to your drive. To do this, click on the “Login to Google Drive” link in the email, and select your Kenyon account, then allow. From this point on, scans will be saved to that folder automatically.