Dialing Guide

On Campus
  • Dial by name in the software client (type the person's name in to the phone number field)
  • Dial by extension on a campus phone to another campus phone (Zoom Phone -> Zoom Phone)
  • Dial by number on a campus phone (Zoom Phone to any other campus phone)
  • Do not dial 1 before placing an external call. Simply dial the ten-digit number (area code included).
  • For international calls, dial the country code, then area code, then number. Do not place any extra (pound, star)¬†characters in between groups.
Toll-Free Numbers (800/888/etc.)
1-800 (or other)-[phone]-[number]

Kenyon Switchboard
(740) 427-5000
-- OR --
x5000 (from a campus phone)

Emergency - Kenyon Campus Safety
(740) 427-5555
-- OR --
x5555 (from a campus phone)

Emergency - Knox County

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