Getting Started Guide for Students

Congratulations, and welcome to Kenyon! This guide will give you an overview of technology services provided by Kenyon for students. If you are unable to claim your account, need help resetting your password, or have any other questions about technology at Kenyon, please contact us by email at or by phone at (740) 427-5700.
Claim your account
Incoming first-year students will receive an account claim email or text message in between the March and May months, depending on when you were accepted. Transfer students will receive an email for an account claim when the Registrar enters them into Kenyon's student information system as a student.
This account claim information is sent via email to your personal email address. When you receive this email, follow the instructions provided to create your Kenyon password, set up the mandatory Google two-step (2SV) verification, enroll in Duo two-factor authentication, and to receive your Kenyon email address.
Before you arrive
Use this handy checklist to make sure everything's ready to go when you arrive on the Hill! Beginning in June, a lot of communication from the College will be sent to your Kenyon email address, so if you can't get in, please contact Helpline to get things sorted out!
☐ Set your password - instructions are in your account claim email, which was sent to your personal email address.
☐ Set up Google Two-step verification (2SV)
☐ Set up Duo two-factor authentication.
☐ Access your Kenyon email, calendar, and Google Drive. Kenyon email is accessed through Gmail.
☐ Set up your Kenyon email account on your smartphone, tablet, and computer.
☐ Upload your ID picture - instructions are in your account claim email. If you don't do this, you won't receive your K-Card when you arrive, which you need to get into residence halls.
☐ Test Banner. Since you are off-campus when you set up your account, go to, then sign in using Shibboleth SSO and authenticate using Duo. Click on the button for MyBanner or Personal Access Pages. If you can get in, you're set up!
When you arrive
After you move in, here are some good things to get set up.
☐ Connect your computer to KenyonWireless on your Windows PC or on your Mac.
☐ Connect your phone, tablet, game consoles, smart TVs, streaming devices (like Chromecast or Roku) and desktops to KenyonDevices after registering them.
☐ Visit Chalmers Library and find the Technology Center on the first floor if you're having any issues!
Need more help?
Kenyon IT is here to help! Most of your questions can be answered using our help documentation, available at If you need more help, please contact Helpline by email at or by phone at (740) 427-5700.