Plan Ahead

Go to the Plan Ahead site to prepare for registration. You will need to authenticate with Duo.

Before you start, you will want to build a list of 10 to 12 courses of interest so that the system has many options so the system has a back-up if the priority course encounters an error. Consider the timing of classes, types of classes, types of assignments, levels of classes, size of classes, and familiarity with course content by reading course descriptions. We recommend creating a plan in Plan Ahead to collect these courses. You can use the notes on the courses to indicate what plan you want to add it to and in what order.

Registration of your course requests will be attempted in the order courses are added to the plans. You will not add music lessons and ensembles to the plan, they will be added during drop/add.

How to Create a Plan 

Recommended Order of Sections in Plans 

How Will Plans Be Processed?

Access Your Plans in Plan Ahead

Add Your Alternate PIN to Your Plan 

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