Connect to Kenyon's Network using the Web VPN

Brief description of the web VPN
Kenyon hosts a web-based virtual private network (VPN) service at This secure, easy-to-use services permits you to access Kenyon campus resources from off-campus via the web. Using the web client, you can access some resources that are normally only available on campus, such as MyBanner or the Virtual Lab. This service is available from anywhere Internet access is available.

Connecting to the web VPN
  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. When prompted, sign in using your Kenyon username and password. You'll also need to authenticate using Duo.
  3. In the screen that appears, click on the web application that you want to access.
Alternatively, you may click on the "Application URL" option from the top-left corner of the window or the menu. This will open a field to type the web address of the campus site you wish to visit. Once the address is typed in, click "Go" to proceed to the website entered.
Shown below is a screen shot of the Application URL button and field.

List of applications available through the web VPN

Listed and shown below are what applications the web VPN has available to use.

  • Personal Access Pages
  • Virtual Lab
  • Moodle
  • Banner
  • Landing Page
  • Kenyon Reservations
  • Cisco Self Care Portal
  • Plan Ahead