Print to Public Printers from Your Windows Computer

Note: These instructions are for adding the public print queue. For instructions on adding the queue for a departmental printer on your Windows PC, click here.
  1. Ensure that you have an active network connection before you begin.
  2. Navigate to this link.  
  3. Click 'Download' and install Mobility Print on your device. 

     4. Once Mobility Print has completed downloading, launch the application. There will be a License Agreement that you must accept to complete setup. 

     5. Under Printer selection, please ensure that PublicPrint [colorado] is checked in order to add it to your Windows device.

     6. Mobility Print will then ask for your username and password, in which you will enter in your Kenyon Credentials (e.g. 'smith1'). 

     7. Once Mobility Print has finished installing, please click Finish to exit Setup.

     8. When you go to print, send the print job to 'PublicPrint'.

Change Your Print Settings
Select color or black-and-white printing

Select single- or double-sided printing

For further assistance, place a printer service request via the TopDesk self-service technology support portal.