Print to Public Printers from Your Mac

Note: These instructions are for adding the public print queue. For instructions on adding the print queue for a departmental printer on your mac, click here.

Map the Public Printer Queue on Your Mac
If you are attempting to connect to the Public Printer Queue, you must first install the correct driver (if you've printed from your Mac before Winter 2021, please delete the previous printer setup by following step 1. Otherwise, skip to step 2)
  1. Navigate to the Printers & Scanners section of System Preferences. Select the Public Print Queue from the left-hand column (commonly labeled '') and click the minus sign at the bottom of the column and delete the printer. 
  2. Navigate to this link
  3. Click 'Download' and install Mobility Print on your device. 
  4. When you go to print, send the print job to 'PublicPrint'.
  5. The first time you send a document to PublicPrint from your Mac, you will see a pop-up window asking you to enter a username and password. Enter your Kenyon username and password (i.e. 'smith1', and your Kenyon password) to send the document to your printing account. You may check the box to “Remember this password in my keychain” so that you don’t need to repeat this process every time you print.

For information on printing double sided or in color versus black & white, please see our guide to Basic Print Settings on Mac OSX

For information on more advanced settings, such as creating presets, changing the resolution, and selecting the paper tray, see our guide to Advanced Print Settings in Mac OSX

For further assistance, place a printer service request via the TopDesk self-service technology support portal.