Connect to Kenyon's Network using the GlobalProtect VPN Client

Brief description of the GlobalProtect VPN client

For most use cases, the web VPN provided by Kenyon will work for accessing web services hosted by Kenyon, such as Banner or the Virtual Lab.
Applications that run on your computer that connect to a Kenyon-hosted server to function, such as ArcGIS or SPSS, will not work using just the web VPN.
For these use cases, we have made available a dedicated VPN client to install on you computer, which will allow you to use your applications as if you were connected to the campus network.

Downloading the VPN client
1.   In a web browser, navigate to . You will be prompted to sign in with your Kenyon credentials and authenticate with Duo.
2.   Once signed in, you will be brought to the web VPN landing page. To download the GlobalProtect client, click the “GlobalProtect Agent” link in the top right corner of the page.

3.   In the page that opens, select the link that corresponds with your operating system version. If you're not sure, you can contact the Helpline for assistance in finding the right version for your computer.
  • For Windows users, select the Windows 64-bit download link.
  • For macOS users, select the Mac 32/64-bit download link.
  • Note: To use the VPN client on macOS, you must be on macOS version 11.0 or higher.

Installing the VPN client
  1. Once the installer is downloaded, run the installer from the Downloads menu in your web browser, accepting the default settings.
    During the installation, you may be prompted to type in an administrator’s password. If you do not have permission to install the application on your computer, please contact the Helpline.
  2. Once installed, the VPN client will automatically start in the background. It will also start when your computer is first signed into.
Setting up and connecting with the VPN client
1.   Once started, the VPN client will run in the background. To connect with the VPN client, open the GlobalProtect app.

   -   On Windows, it can be opened by launching GlobalProtect from the Start Menu, or from the globe-shaped icon in the system tray (bottom of the screen by default).

   -   On macOS, it can be opened from the Applications folder, or from the globe-shaped icon in the menu bar (top of the screen by default). To connect to the campus network using the VPN client, open GlobalProtect.

2.   The GlobalProtect connection window will open. Click “Get Started” to proceed. A text box will appear to enter a portal address into. Enter “” as the address, then click Connect.

3.   A window will open, prompting you to sign in with your Kenyon credentials and authenticate with Duo.
4.   Once signed in, GlobalProtect will create a secure connection to Kenyon's network.

Note: The connection will remain open for 20 hours until you are required to log in again.