Kenyon College has renewed our campus-wide license to MATLAB & Simulink.  For continued access to MATLAB, you will need to update the license file.  You may choose one of these options to update your license file:
To update the License File in MATLAB (internet connection required): 
Go to Help > Licensing > Update Current Licenses 
To update the License File in the License Center: 
1. Access the MathWorks License Center here: https://www.mathworks.com/licensecenter/  (log-in required) 
2. Select TAH license 41030566
3. Click on the "Activation and Installation" tab below 
4. Click on the Activation Label for the activation you wish to validate 
5. Click on the "Get License File" button. Select to either email or download the license file. 
6. Once downloaded, open MATLAB and go to Help > Licensing > Activate Software 
7. Select to Activate without using the internet 
8. Browse to a copy of the newest license file saved. MATLAB should now run without displaying the "due to expire" message. 

Users can continue to download and access MATLAB by visiting Kenyon College’s MATLAB Portal: 

For issues related to your MATLAB installation, contact MathWorks Support