Zoom Phone Acceptable Use Policy

Use of Zoom Phone is subject to the Kenyon College Acceptable Use Policy, specified in the Kenyon College Employee Handbook. It is further restricted as follows.

Kenyon College allows you to use your Kenyon-provided Zoom account with its enhanced Meeting features for personal use, like for calling family and friends. You can use larger video meetings, longer meetings, and other tools in the Meeting toolbelt for personal use.

Kenyon College does NOT allow you to use the Zoom Phone for personal use, even if your plan is unlimited. Your Zoom Phone should only be used for College business.

Kenyon College does NOT allow you to use call forwarding to bypass delegation. Delegation should be handled using the delegation settings, not by call forwarding.

Kenyon College does NOT allow you to forward College calls to your personal cell phone. Access to your College-provided phone number should be facilitated through the software client or the provided hardware desk phone. Appeals to this rule should be submitted to the IT cybersecurity team.