General Information 
  1. Kenyon College is a Google Workplace school. Your Kenyon email account is powered by Gmail. 
  2. Your Kenyon email address is:
  3. Your Google account has unlimited storage.  This includes Google Mail and Google Drive.
  4. New students and employees are required to enable Google 2-Step Verification, or 2SV. See our documentation on enabling Google 2 Step Verification. 
  • Your Kenyon Gmail account requires no setup on your computer. It is available from anywhere, on or off campus, as long you have access to a computer connected to the Internet
  • To log into to your Kenyon Gmail account, go to, enter your username (including and password, and click Sign In
  • Gmail Help describes the most commonly used features of Google Mail
Mail Clients
Gmail provides the fastest and most comprehensive access to your Kenyon account, and we recommend using Gmail to manage your mail. But you may also configure a mail client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail. Use mail clients only on personal or office computers, do not configure mail clients in public labs. Google hosts up-to-date instructions for configuring email clients for use with Kenyon Gmail. 

In order to use a mail client with Gmail, you will need to create an application password. If you encounter issues generating an application password to use with your mail client, please call Helpline at 1-740-427-5700, or email

Email Distribution Lists (Dislists)
See our page on public email distribution lists to find out how to email a "group" message to campus groups by using the system-generated public email "dislists." These groups include student groups, college departments, majors/minors, advisees, academic courses.

Archives of the employee-info, student-info, allemp, and allstu mailing lists are available online.

There is a 1 MB size limit on messages sent to most public dislists (messages sent to class mailing lists are limited to 5 MB). If you send very large images or files with complex formatting as attachments to your dislist message, its size may exceed this limit. One alternative is to post the image to your website or a shared folder and create a link to it in the email.

For more information regarding Kenyon's moderated email distribution lists, please refer to the list moderator's guidelines and instructions for moderators.

Allemp and Allstu
The and dislists are optional and are based on Google Groups discussions.  The maximum message size for these lists is 10 MB. For more information on these lists, see Allemp and Allstu Information,  Join an Optional Email Dis List and Leave an Optional Email Dis List.